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Screen Rooms 

Enjoy your Screen Room in a whole new Controlled Atmosphere..

Introducing the LIFE ROOM

Outdoor Living with all the comfort of an INDOOR HAVEN!

​​ Just having the Remote Screens


the Vinyl-View/PGT clear windows..

​will give you years of enjoyment!

 Keep Those Annoying InsectsAway

 M. A. Jackson Co. has many Screen Rooms that are affordable, great looking and enjoyable to use. The screen options we provide are like no other. We offer a privacy screen and a memory mesh, both in several colors. Our wall-systems are made of a maintenance free lifetime warrantied product. We even offer a screen room that can be up-graded to glass later on.


Our design consultant will come out to your home, help you choose the best design and all at an affordable price. So sit back and relax, let us take care of your NEW INSECT FREE​ living area.